Final Ratings for 4×23 + SE Shipper Support + Poll Results


TVD earned a 1.1 rating and 2.24 million viewers for the “Graduation” finale – TVbytheNumbers

Ratings of course don’t mean much to our wounded SE Shipper hearts, so how about something to make us laugh? This will do the trick…

Now, maybe a few tears… *sniff*

And finally a recap (for 4.22/23) with little to no DE… thank you!!!

Now on to a slightly less emotional topic…

As for our last poll, we asked what ghosts you were happiest to see in the “Walking Dead.”

No surprise that with 46%, Lexi topped the list, as you guys were so happy to see Stefan with his bestie! So awesome that she could be there to support him in the finale. Next up was Jeremy with 29% of you saying Elena needed her brother! Alaric came in third with 14%, but I have to admit I wasn’t sorry to see him heading back to other side after his support of Delena… eeek! Grams came in at 7%, and aren’t we glad she was there to guide Bonnie to the other side? Last was Kol with only 4% of you missing him and his evil ways.

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  1. The second and third vid have me crying my eyes out. No joke, I can hardly see the computer screen. I need SE back now.

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