Final Ratings for “Into The Wild” & Poll Results


Into The Wild had a final US rating of 2.50 million viewers and a 1.1 ratings, down 6,000 viewers from the previous week and -0.2 rating points.

Plus, here are the results of our last two polls…

How will Elena react to Stebekah sex?

WINNER – 64% – She’ll be hurt–but it will make her realize how much she misses him.

28% – She’ll get over it–she’s still sired, so while it may hurt at first, she will go back to making Damon happy.

8% – She’ll be angry! It will only push her further away from him.

Well, she still appears to be pretty much whipped, but lets hope the cracks in the bond start getting a little bigger. 

How do you feel about Kol’s death?

WINNER – 45% – Mortified! I really liked Kol.

34% – Who? Barely noticed him.

21% – Thankful! I hated that guy.

Well, even at less than half, you guys had more love for Kol than pretty much anyone in Mystic Falls, but I’d say with that weak fight he put up against Elena, he practically deserved to die!