First pictures of Elena in 4×23 “Graduation” & Plec’s interviews

A first look at Elena graduating in 4×23 (scanned photo from TV Guide magazine):

4x23 Graduation
and also a new still and article at TVD Finale First Look: Has Elena Turned Her Emotions Back On?

“We have a lot of questions on the table about Elena,” Julie Plec tells us. “Is she stuck this way forever? Is she ever going to turn her humanity back on? If she does, will the sire bond be back in effect or gone? If it’s gone, what are her feelings for Damon vs. her feelings for Stefan? The whole season has been trying to get Elena back to who she was, so everything will be answered in the finale.”

Adding another Julie Plec’s interview for ‘Vampire Diaries’: EP Julie Plec previews the season finale

Plec also won’t spoil what Elena decides are her true feelings for each of the Salvatore Brothers, or whether Stefan will head out of town for the start of season 5 – something Paul Wesley has rooted for. “It all hinges on what, if any truth comes out of Elena and Elena’s situation,” Plec says. “Stefan has been pretty clear about being ready to move on. So the question is will he need to?”