Happy Thanksgiving to all our US SEsters & SErs!

We wanted to wish everyone in the United States a very Happy Thanksgiving, a time to spend with friends and family and to express thanks for the good in our lives. However, not all of us are feeling so thankful when it comes to The Vampire Diaries and the Stelena breakup. We have expressed our dismay, our sadness and our theories of when Stefan and Elena will get back together and the damage that may be done in the interim. We will continue to process it and share out thoughts and worries, but for today, let’s be thankful for all that Stelena has given us and for what we must believe they will bring in the future.

The laughter they have shared… the love they have made!

The times they have cried… the tears they have dried.

The kisses they have stolen… the passion they have sparked!

The respect they have shown… the caring they have developed.

The comfort they have brought… the curiosity they have inspired!

The hugs they have fallen into and the true love they will never fall out of… for all that they have done and will continue to do, we are so thankful for Stelena!