Have a look at Elena’s new wardrobe

From EW.com:

Elena’s appetite isn’t the only thing changing now that she’s a vampire. Her wardrobe is going through a transition too.
“We’re giving her a slightly more sophisticated look,” said costume designer Leigh Leverett, who explained that Elena will be trading in her usual jeans-and-T-shirt ensembles for more dresses and boots on season 4 of the supernatural series.
And since Elena now has the freedom to accessorize, she’ll be dipping into her jewelry box more often.
“She had to wear the Vervain necklace before, so she didn’t get to wear a lot of good fun jewelry,” said Leverett, who added that we’ll be seeing Elena in more chain necklaces this season. “Of course [Nina Dobrev] likes that because she loves jewelry.”

Watch the video here: See Elena’s new wardrobe – Exclusive video