“Hope, it’s all I want you to have” by Activia

We wanted to share on this blog a great analysis on the triangle’s current developments written by our friend Nicole, a post full of hope and faith in the future of Stelena. Just what we need right now to cheer us up!

Elena: “You had hope and that is all I wanted you to have, and you had it”
Why would Elena say these words to Stefan? At the time I heard this line I was a bit confused by it. Why did she want Stefan to have hope? I mean didn’t she want to have hope too? She wasn’t ready to drink human blood she hadn’t yet made her choice, so what is this talk of hope? I believe Elena is talking to US, the Stelena fans. The first episode of the season sets up the entire season. So they wanted us to have hope.

Read her post here: Hope, it’s all I want you to have