Is there a future for Stefan and Katherine?


Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) is doing her damnedest right now on The Vampire Diaries to woo Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), and it seems like she might finally get him into bed in the next episode. Of course, he still thinks she’s Elena. What does all of this mean for the TVD pairing? Is there any hope for Stefan and Katherine?

Yes, there’s always been something between them.
These two have been alive a long time, and, passenger-willing, may be alive a long time to come. We came in on their story during the Elena chapter but, if we had first met Stefan when he was in love with Katherine, might we feel different about whom his one true love is (Delena vs. Stelena debate, notwithstanding)? Perhaps, this is Steferine’s love story, we just don’t know it yet. According to the Travelers, doppelgangers will always find a way to be together. Perhaps Stefan and Katherine are those doppelgangers.

Kind of, depending on your definition.
Though Katherine is currently pretending to be Elena, there’s never been a lack of chemistry between she and Stefan. Even if he thinks he’s connecting with Elena, there’s still an affection and attraction for the person he is with that is all Steferine. It seems that will all come to a head in Season 5, Episode 14 (“No Exit”) when Katherine manages to finagle Stefan into a motel room during their quest to find Damon. In some ways, it would appear Katherine is about to get everything she’s ever wanted. But what if Katherine wants more? Would it be enough for her if Stefan loved her, but thinking she was Elena? Katherine seems to think so right now…

No, Stefan will choose Elena over her.
We’re not sure this will end well for Katherine, romantically or otherwise. Even if she decides Stefan’s love for her pretending to be Elena is enough (which is a big if!), we think her ruse will soon unravel. In Season 5, Episode 15 (“Gone Girl”), Stefan is desperate to save Elena. We don’t think he will ever forgive Katherine for this. Even if he did, if given a choice between saving Katherine and saving Elena, we don’t think Katherine will come out on top. Sorry, Kat.

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