Julie Plec’s Q&A on Twitter

Here is an excerpt of the Q&A session Julie Plec had on Twitter yesterday:

Basically the sire bond is kind of the reason why Elena became a person she didnt ‘want to be’ right?
JP: Yes, more or less. It affected her actions, which then created many additional actions.

Could the sire bond be the reason why Elena’s feelings for Stefan lessened in such a short time?
JP: Could be, yes.

I thought 4×06 explained why Elena broke up with Stefan. I thought we saw that after her experience with the hallucinations she finally found the strength to face up who she is now and what she wants. Are you saying this realization could be just an affect from the sire bond and nothing else?
JP: I think it’s a question everyone should be asking, including Damon and Elena.

The only thing that concerns all the fans ATM some loopholes in the sire bond which I’m sure will be explained later.
JP: There aren’t really loopholes in that the sire bond, unlike compulsion, doesn’t have tangible rules. It’s emotion-based.

What do you mean by “emotion based” Elena’s feelings aren’t real? am i misinterpreting?
JP: Her ‘obeying’ his requests. Compulsion is specific. You’re told to do, you do. Sire bond u have illusion of free will.

The sirebond affects #Elena’s acts, not her feelings … right ? Her feelings for #Damon are real !
JP: That’s what she believes

So this confirms that the sire bond does affect Elena’s feelings, which means Elena’s love for Damon atm isn’t real…
JP: No, I’m saying the questions don’t and won’t have answers. It’s an exploration, a journey.

But there gotta be a way to break it? We also thought there was no way to kill Klaus and woops we got 41313 different ways.
JP: Possibly. It’s called plot. 😉

So do I get it right that the only way the sire bond can really be broken is for Elena turning back to human?
JP: That’s the most logical solution.

You keep saying everything’s a journey, did Stefan and Elena’s journey stopped, or did it took a vacation?
JP: It hit a big roadblock.

Is stefan mad because he thinks damon had sex with elena AFTER they knew how to break the sire bond??? or sex in gerenal?
JP: He’s devastated that they had sex at all, as he has every right to be. He’s mad because Damon lied to him.

Can you confirm the spoiler that the next episode we’re getting our hearts ripped out by Stefan Salvatore?
JP: Yep.

I know Caroline has every right to hate Damon, but can you please stop ruining her caracter by making her a Stelena hardcore shipper?
JP: How is someone who speaks the truth and defends someone who they believe is being wronged character-ruining?