Kalena & Stefan… Stekalena? Catch-up + 5×14 Re#ash

The last visual we had of Elena in “The Devil Inside” was her running into Damon’s arms. Quite thankfully, we were all spared a Delena reunion by Katherine’s transference into Elena’s body… and not a second too soon! A newly formed “Kalena” was quick to drop some truth on Damon, telling him he had shown his true colors in torturing Katherine as she lay dying. He was right to let her (Elena) go, she said. “We’re over,” Kalena told Damon, turning and walking away with that sweet little smirk on her face.


And so, for the last few episodes, Kelena has taken Elena’s place. Her mission: Get Stefan Salvatore back! The problem: Stefan Salvatore has a conscience… and a brain. As much as Stefan might have wanted to believe it was possible to get back to the way he and Elena once were, the idea of it happening too quickly or for all the wrong reasons was enough to slam on the brakes. Not getting caught up in the emotion of it all, Stefan could step back and take a look at the situation, a situation that seemed to be saying Elena wasn’t Elena at all.

Some would argue Stefan should have known sooner. Elena was acting strange, even a little Katherine-like toward the end, wasn’t she? Well, nobody in Mystic Falls, except for Matt, seemed to catch on very quickly. Perhaps it’s because Elena isn’t so different from Katherine these days. Perhaps Elena doing un-Elena-like things really isn’t so strange. Perhaps Elena isn’t the Elena we used to know, and, as such, how can we really blame anyone for not noticing?

Well, now they all know. As we embark on our next new episode, the gang is trying to figure out a way to put an end to Kelena, but we’ve got to assume Katherine has a plan. One thing we know about Kat is that she doesn’t go quietly… certainly not without a fight! Will we see Elena come back to us by the end of the episode? More importantly, are we ready for Elena to come back? Hasn’t it been a little nice to take an Elena-break, an episode or two without having to think about the possibility of Elena and Damon getting back together again? I guess the real question is what version of Elena is going to return to us? Will it be the Elena we used to know, the one who cared deeply about human life, who fought her attraction to Damon because she couldn’t reconcile those feelings with what he was capable of? Or, will we get the sired, vamp version of Elena who is willing to excuse just about anything to get another go with Damon. We can only hope for the former!

While we wait, let’s take a look back at those Kalena & Stefan scenes… shall we call them Stekalena??? Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Stelena, but it’s always good to see PINA chemistry! Don’t forget to take a look at the rehash at the very end.

New episode tonight, so get caught up, refreshed, reminded, etc. with the rehash!