Meredith Returns & Torrey talks about working with Paul


If you’ve been wondering when we’ll see Meredith again on TVD, here’s your answer from ZAP2it

And fans of The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” will see her back there Thursday, Feb. 21, as Dr. Meredith Fell … whose help is sought by vampire Stefan, marking the first time DeVitto shares scenes on the series with real-life husband Paul Wesley.

Hmm… not completely true, since Stefan did help out a very bloody Meredith before, but looks like these scenes might have a bit more meat to them.

Plus, Torrey clears the air about what it’s really like to work with her hubby, Paul.

A recently published article suggested DeVitto would prefer not to work with Wesley, but she explains “that was sort of taken out of context. We had both done 11 episodes of the show and hadn’t worked together on it yet, and I said, ‘Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. Maybe working together every day and then going home together would be a little too much, so maybe I prefer it this way.’

“Now that we’ve worked together, I actually said to my publicist, ‘I wish I’d never said that!’ I had such a great time working with him, and it was so amazing, I totally take back everything I said. We just have such a mutual respect for each other, and a similar work ethic.”

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