Nina’s gift to Paul, the Director

Did you haze Paul Wesley when he was directing TVD episode 5×18?
Nina Dobrev: Oh for sure, yeah. I personally hazed him a lot and it was awesome. (Laughs.) Well he was awesome! He was actually a really good director and he did a really great job [and] was very prepared. But before his first day of shooting, I gave him a copy of the script signed by the whole cast — because every time you shoot an episode, you receive a script cover with the name of the episode and who it’s “directed by” and it said Paul — along with a little letter saying, “Paul over the last decade we’ve come so far, and just as a token of this new step in your life and in your career, I wanted to remind you where we started and what’s most important at the core of our show.” I also gave him this big present, and when he opened the gift, it was a giant painting of my face. (Laughs.) I mean, it was a joke, obviously, but he thought it was hilarious and it’s actually hanging in his dressing room right now.

source: Alloy Entertainment

And Paul was kind enough to post a picture of Nina’s beautiful portrait:

Nina portrait