Not quite a “Graduation” celebration (spoilers for 4×23)

SucksWhile it was a bad night for us Stelena shippers, it was a really bad night for Stefan! Not only did he have to listen to Elena professing her love for Damon in the next room, but last we saw him he was sinking to the bottom of the quarry in a locked safe, likely trying to process that he is Silas’ doppelganger! Oh, our poor, poor guy. At least he had Lexi by his side for most of the show, but we have to wonder if Elena will even notice that the real Stefan is missing!

So, as we take very deep breaths and tell ourselves things have to get better… eventually, we think it’s a good idea to celebrate Stefan as the amazing guy he’s always been. Plus, I think he’s kind of pissed…

Now, there are those of you who will have heard the spoilers and decided not to watch. Completely understandable! Here are two of the more important scenes, the first answering who would get the cure and also offering a Stelena flashback from earlier in the evening. Now, there is an earlier Stelena scene where Elena offers Stefan the cure, but it’s cut in with some Damon/Elena stuff, and ain’t nobody got time for that… at least not tonight!

Elena/Katherine scene with Stefan/Elena flashback

Here is the final scene with Stefan/Silas. Didn’t see this one coming!

Well, it’s the close to another season of TVD. It’s been a rocky one, and I know most of us hoped Stelena would endure, that they would find their way back to one another at the end, but it just wasn’t to be, at least not for now. While most of us have mixed emotions about Stelena at the moment, they’re the reason we’ve all been brought together, so it seems appropriate to end this post with a gorgeous SE vid.