On Stelena’s relationship in the season premiere

From Seat42F early review of episode 4×01: TVD Season 4 Premiere Review

However, unlike Caroline and Vicki, things should go pretty smoothly for [Elena] because she has something they didn’t have: Stefan. Stefan who is in love with her, and Elena has clearly chosen him. Being back in control of himself again, being free from evil influences, Stefan will do everything that he can to smooth her transition, and this should help immeasurably.

Elena does get a glimpse of how noble Damon can be when she recovers a lost memory, but she still chooses Stefan, knowing that he is the one who respects her. Damon has blind devotion, but Stefan lets her make up her mind. That is important to anyone, and Stefan will be a kind mentor and partner who doesn’t force her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. This represents a clear choice between the brothers, and truly for the first time, there can be little argument that Elena has made the right decision. Even Damon fans will have to see that now.

From @emmaloggins (FanBolt.com):

There are a few [DE] moments – but relationship wise – it’s all about Elena and Stefan for the premiere.

From EW.com: Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room

Someone gets a very meaningful gift in a moment that will drive fans wild.

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  1. Stefan and Elena look so!!! cute on that motorcycle!
    Stefan has got to know he looks so hot on that motorcycle!

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