Paul in China: day 3

Paul took a flight to Beijing and had a very pleasant interview in a live show that you can watch in the video below.

Our favorite parts:
– The great video montage of Stefan and Stelena moments.
– Paul reaffirming his love for Stefan’s character: “I knew I was in love with this role. I read the script, I fell in love with it. I thought it was so special. And so it meant so much to me, and I remember going into the audition I just felt like it was my part, because I really felt like I connected with the role.”
– When asked to do something Stefan-like, it’s Stefan & Elena’s relationship that comes to his mind first: “I’m gonna start crying because Elena is leaving me for Damon…” (Yeah, we cried too, Paul…)
– Which other character would he like to play on the show? “Elena! No, I don’t want to be Elena. That would mean I’d have to kiss myself and I don’t want to do that.” And his priceless reaction at the idea of having to kiss Damon as well: “Ugh!”

Also, some very sweet words about Torrey, that put the audience in awe: “I like any woman that is like my wife […] We met on a movie six years ago and I thought she was the prettiest and nicest girl in the room.”

A WTF moment, though: did a reporter really have the audacity to ask him if he was reenacting the sexy Stelena love scenes in his bedroom with his wife!?

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