Paul Wesley talks directing TVD 5×18 and more

I was definitely nervous and I didn’t know how I would be received, but it was really a heart-warming thing to see my cast wanting me to do well. They all came in and knew their lines. They wanted me to do well, and I wanted them to do well. I wanted to make them look good, and they wanted to make me look good. It was a really wonderful experience. I was so appreciative of everyone. The crew and the cast all really wanted me to have a good experience, and it was very touching.


One thought on “Paul Wesley talks directing TVD 5×18 and more

  1. I just want Stelena back immediately because I think Elena was her best self when she was with Stefan and for Stefan to just be happy because in almost every episode of season 5 he’s suffering from sort of pain whether it’s from the constant drowning in a quarry, to his having ptsd, til his letting the Traveler’s fry his brain like Tessa did. It’s always something so I want him to be happy.

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