Paul’s interview for Zap2it: Could SE ever get back together?

Paul was interviewed on set a few weeks ago – by the look of it, at a time when Elena’s bedroom had not turned into ashes yet: Paul Wesley on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ set: Could Stefan and Elena ever get back together?

Q: Do you think they’re heading in a direction where Stefan could potentially be over Elena?
I don’t know about forever, but I do think her actions are going to dictate that. I think there’s opportunity for a very powerful moment between them when they come together and something happens, something dynamic — we haven’t seen it in so long.

The key to Stefan and Elena, as far as I’m concerned, is time and distance. The more you keep them away from one another, the less Stefan is trying to help Elena, trying to fix Elena, trying to run after her and pick up everything she drops — the more she just screws up on her own, he screws up on his own, they have all these experiences, and then something maybe happens.