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From Paul’s new interview for Paul Wesley on His New Movie, Die-Hard Fans, & the End of ‘Vampire Diaries’

Q: Vampire Diaries is exploring new territory this season now that Elena is a vampire. Do you think that development will have lasting effects on Elena and Stefan’s relationship?
Paul: I would think so. Ultimately, it’s kind of a hilarious thing when you’re doing a TV series where the stakes are so high and you’re trying to think about it on a realistic level. She’s a vampire, so obviously it’s going to have an effect, but in the TV world, in the Vampire Diaries world, we have to suspend our disbelief. Maybe there’s a way to salvage the relationship and go back to normal, but I hope they never go back to the way they were. People change, and I know they’re the romantic love story in the entire series, but I do believe potentially that they can find a different kind of romance that isn’t as naive as it was before. I feel in season one, they were really naive lovers who weren’t aware of impending doom of any relationship.

Q: What can we expect from Stefan for the rest of season four?
Paul: I think as Elena and Damon start to move towards one another, I think Stefan will lose his marbles a little bit. I always welcome that, very wholeheartedly. So they’ll be searching for a cure for Elena. It’s kind of an interesting thing to see if Stefan continues to give a shit about finding this cure or if he’s just like, “You’re totally hooking up with my brother. I don’t care.” We’ll see. I don’t know what he’s going to do. I like when he’s not predictable.