Poll Results + Ratings for 4×19 “Pictures of You” + What does it all mean?


Episode 4×19, Pictures of You, was seen by 2.14 million US viewers with a 1.0 rating point – TV by the Numbers That’s down .2 points and nearly 300k viewers from the last original episode. That’s a series low in viewership. Ouch!

What do the ratings mean, though? One rating point (1.0) represents a specific number of viewers within the 18-49 age range. This is the demographic that is important to advertisers and who they will pay to advertise to. This system explains why a show that may have three or four times as many viewers but a similar 18 – 49 rating as TVD could be labeled unsuccessful. Renewal chances for shows are specific to the network they are on. TVD‘s ratings would have gotten it cancelled on almost any other major US network, but the CW has different rating standards. It is the newest of the five English-speaking US networks, and it tends to cater more to genre programming. Its ratings tend to be similar to many cable networks. TVD is still the top rated show on the CW in the 18-49 demographic, with Arrow and Supernatural being close seconds. What we don’t often know is how many viewers watch the shows on the CW website, on iTunes or Netflix. Don’t we all know someone who watches TVD?

So, based upon the TV/DVR ratings, we’ve held discussions about the effect of the triangle upon ratings and whether more people tune in for Stelena-centric or Delena-centric episodes. We’ve found evidence to support the idea that, historically, Delena-centric episodes are some of the lowest rated episodes, though we also find Delena fans to be some of the most active online. So, what can we interpret from Pictures of You being the lowest rated episode to date in total viewers? Keep in mind that TVD has just returned from another hiatus, that it is in its fourth season and that this time of year generally sees a drop in viewers because of daylight savings time in the US, which extends daylight hours. We do know that a lot of Stelena fans were re-energized by the prom scenes, but was it enough? Do you think people are weary of the triangle and not tuning in like they used to? Let us know your thoughts in the shoutbox or the comments section!

Well, perhaps people are waiting for The Originals “backdoor” pilot next week. In our last poll, we asked you:

If The Originals pilot is picked up to series, will you watch it?

31% – Hmmm… maybe… could be good – WINNER –
30% – Hell YES! They need their own show.
20% – Hmmm… maybe… honestly I’m underwhelmed by the idea.
19% – Hell NO! At least the Originals will finally be off TVD!