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For those of us who are fond of insights on the characters’ wardrobes, TVD’s costume designer Leigh Leverett divulges in this EW article some enjoyable tidbits on how the various ensembles were chosen for the Prom episode: Popstyle – It’s the ‘Vampire Diaries’ prom!

Elena Shocks in Pink – How does Elena (Nina Dobrev) choose her Theia prom dress? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out, but suffice it to say it’s not while she’s on a shopping spree with her girlfriends. “We called it the ‘watercolor’ dress. I thought it was really pretty, but I wasn’t sure it if would work. It has a lot of volume, it’s your quintessential prom dress, and sometimes on this show we go for sexier rather than for [larger] amounts of fabric,” says Leverett. “But [Nina] put it on and it was really beautiful.”

“In our show, you never know who’s going to end up with who in what scene. It’s easier for the boys to be in black and white and try to make their ties look as different as possible and let the girls be the color,” explains Leverett, who dressed both Salvatore boys in Armani tuxedos, but gave each of them their own signature cravat. “Stefan’s a four-in-hand kind of tie guy, Damon’s more of a suave James Bond bow tie guy.”

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  1. i want Stelena back .. cause their love story is unique, epic and pure. It’s magical & serious, maybe it says on the book it is the story of how Elena will fall in love with Damon, but dude seriously the Delena story is like about the hunger for sex not love it’s lust !! sorry to say it damon and elena real life :), but stefan and elena will always be the couple in the vampire diaries !

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