Quick Dreams & Nightmares Recap – “Afterschool Special” “Catch Me If You Can” & “A View To A Kill”

Here’s hoping we get some more Stelena love on tonight’s episode. Slowly but surely, there’s been signs of Stelena building some steam, of feelings that are still very real, and we can only hope they will build on that and find a common ground! As we prepare for tonight (I’m on the west coast, so it’s still 2+ hours away — sorry for the late post), let’s take a moment to look back at the best and the worst of Stelena in the last few episodes:

tvd0410-0848When Elena calls Stefan’s name as Rebekah ushers him into the room where Elena and Caroline are being compelled, she sounds a little worried, doesn’t she? I admit to skipping the first 10 minutes of this episode, but this appears to be where the real Stefan & Elena interaction begins. Elena is of course a little touched (or is she just squirming) when Rebekah confirms that Stefan was going to take the cure himself “if you (he) could grow old and die with her (Elena).” The sentiment certainly can’t be a surprise to her, and perhaps they might have had a moment had Rebekah not been so intent on digging for dirt… or had Elena not realized that Caroline spilled the beans about she and Damon to Stefan.

tvd0410-1788“Vampire Elena is a trollop who likes bad boys,” says Rebekah who is probably asking herself why it is that Elena has not one but two hot (one decently so and one very much so) vampires in love with her when Rebekah has been burned and spurned for the last thousand years or so. Well, truth be told, Stefan probably wouldn’t be into this version of Elena, which isn’t really Elena at all. Would the Elena we know and love spew that she “slept with Damon because I’m in love with him?” Would she go on to elaborate that being with Damon “makes me happy” because it’s just so “unpredictable, like i’m free.” With Stefan, she’s just “a project,” “a problem that needs to be fixed.” Truth be told, this Elena, the one parroting every one of Damon’s deepest, darkest desires, does need a bit of fixing, and we all want that for you, Elena, not just Stefan!

tvd0410-1855With a good deal of conviction, Elena says that she still loves Stefan, but when Rebekah gets in there and twists a little harder, we find out that she’s not “in love” with him. While Stefan has had a lot of daggers thrown at him, this one had to be one of the most painful, and he can’t help but to say “yes” when Rebekah asks him if that truth hurt. With her fun had, Rebekah then instructs Tyler to turn and do what he will with Stefan, Elena and Caroline. It’s nice to see Stefan and Elena sticking together, holding the door to keep Tyler’s fangs at bay.

tvd0410-2784Once the immediate danger is over, Elena wants to talk about things. She tells Stefan that “she didn’t mean to hurt (him),” that she “didn’t want that,” but Stefan just wonders “how many more ways are there to rip my heart out?” We absolutely understand Stefan’s pain, and when Rebekah again enters the picture and offers to “take away every bit of love he has for (Elena)” with some compulsion, he says “do it” without a second of hesitation. The fact that Elena tells him “no” reaffirms that she really does still care, that there is a part of her, probably the most authentic part of her, that would die to think of all their memories being wiped from Stefan’s mind. Elena was probably reminded of that scene in Haunted when the two talked of Elena being compelled to forget all the bad that had happened, but she said no, that she couldn’t let what she felt for him be erased. It was one of those moments when you just knew what these two had was powerful, and here, we see the same power in Stefan’s desire to forget Elena. It’s that he loves her so very much that makes the pain of her moving on so deep.

Rebekah was just messing with Stefan, though. She had no intention of alleviating his pain. Elena clearly wants to discuss things further. She asks Stefan to wait. She chases after him as he walks off, but even she knows she has to let him go. There is really nothing she could say… or what she would feel able to say under the sire bond… that would make things okay.

tvd0410-2998Whether she is searching for comfort or just falling deeper into the sire bond, Elena feels the need to call Damon and say “I love you, Damon” as the song, New York by Snow Patrol, plays in the background — sadly, I think this song has forever been ruined for me! Damon is quick to believe her even though the logical part of him (if that part of him even exists) must know this is the sire bond at its worst, raging and bubbling, like a giant blister about to spew pus everywhere. That’s just how sick the sire bond is, topped off with a rotting cherry where Damon instructs Elena to “come to me.”

tvd0410-3052I’m just thankful Stefan didn’t have to witness that particular conversation. He’d be retching for days, months, maybe even years. He’ll “go insane if I don’t know what Elena truly feels abut my brother.” Yeah, we hear ya, Stefan, and we’re so sad you have to endure this. Then again, maybe our true compassion needs to be given to Elena, since she’s the one who has to sleep with Damon!

We move on to Catch Me If You Can where Stefan tells Rebekah he is “done with her (Elena),” and proceeds to smoke some herb. Meanwhile, Elena is beside herself when she learns that Kol has Damon and runs to Klaus… “I’m begging you,” she says, hoping he’ll help her save him. While we are becoming somewhat used to this disgusting behavior, it still isn’t very pleasant to watch, so seeing Kol torture Damon was a nice reprieve!

tvd0411-0953Klaus is able to convince his little brother to let Damon go, but not before Kol compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Elena is thankful to have her master back, but again starts the hand-ringing when she figures out Damon has to kill her brother. Now who do you think Elena would turn to in a situation like this?

Rebekah has already told Stefan to just stop caring, and for now, it seems that is what he’s trying to do, so when the call comes in from Elena, he’s fine in letting Rebekah answer. Elena is finding it hard to deal with Stefan’s silence on the other end of the line and his apparent lack of enthusiasm in helping her and Damon out… and so she hangs up in disgust.

tvd0411-2923Now, as if there could have been any doubt, Stefan shows up at just the right time to keep Damon from killing Jeremy and quite honestly in saving Damon from himself. Later on, Elena looks surly as she tries to sneak a visit with Damon in the old Salvatore cellar. “What are you doing with Rebekah?” Elena demands of Stefan. She pulls the whole “she tried to kill me” thing, for which Stefan lays out the perfect retort… ya know, that this is the second time Damon has tried to kill Jeremy and that nobody is perfect. Score Stefan! This of course doesn’t sit well with Elena’s sire bond self, and she strangely says “This isn’t you…” ummm, have you looked in a mirror, Elena?! Stefan agrees though, saying “you don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” Ouch! Was this payback for Elena’s truth telling at the school or is this really how he feels? I think we know the truth is, deep down, they will always be in love with each other, no matter what outside forces beg to differ.

tvd0411-2973Then we move on to what many of us thought would never happen… Stebekah sex! It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since they finally went there with Delena, but for many, this was a hard pill to swallow. The reactions ranged from disgust to enjoyment, but in our recent poll, most of you felt Stebekah sex would actually shake Elena up and make her realize just how much she misses Stefan. Let’s hope so, because vampire sired Elena is doing some crazy stuff… like coming up with the idea to kill Kol and potentially thousands of other vampires so Jeremy could get his mark… and not even batting an eyelash at the enormity of misery this might cause.

tvd0412-0021A View To A Kill opens with Stefan’s walk of shame, slipping on his clothes at vampire speed and trying to get the hell out of Rebekah’s room. Of course Klaus has to be right outside the door… now, how long do you think he was there exactly? Could he be even more pervy than we already thought he was? Anyway, Stefan doesn’t seem exactly happy about his moment of weakness with Rebekah, but he doesn’t seem all that regretful either. Can we really blame him?

tvd0412-0607After Stefan checks in at the mansion, he gets a call from Elena with her plan to obliterate Kol and his entire line. Stefan listens intently. Strangely, nobody who has this idea floated by them seems to give a rat’s ass about any of the “innocent” vamps who are going to die if the plan comes to fruition. Compassion much? Elena goes on to say Rebekah should be daggered too because “it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it.” Stefan agrees, sort of.

The 80s dance is cancelled, and Rebekah is visibly pissed. She’s got two racks of 80s clothes and nothing to wear them to! Stefan, being the sweetest boyfriend material ever for any girl lucky enough to have him, tells her they’ll have their own dance… and they do. Stefan gives Rebekah the abridged version of the 80s, telling her it was a decade of “love, friendship and the possibility of anything happening.” They dance… he talks of his best friend, Lexi (awwwwww) and he tries to teach Rebekah the “Breakfast Club slide.” It all puts Rebekah in the kind of mood to confess that she just wants to be human, which melts Stefan’s heart enough that he can’t go through with the plan to have Matt dagger Rebekah, and thank god because hasn’t this woman been daggered enough?!

Well, while all that is happening, Elena is busy plotting and planning to have Jeremy kill Kol. There’s a lot of back and forth chatting, deal making, then running and chasing and eventually Kol being barbecued on the Gilbert kitchen floor.

tvd0412-3227Klaus is furious and so is Rebekah at Kol’s demise, but Rebekah is consoled by Stefan’s kind words and his reminder to her that Kol was trying to kill her too. He tells her he’s going to protect the people he cares for and that he wants to “find this cure together, you and me.” It feels like a friendship is blossoming here, one where we hope Stefan and Rebekah can trust one another. At the same time, it feels like Stebekah sex won’t happen again and that even Rebekah must know she and Stefan are best suited as friends.

tvd0412-3190After all is said and done, Elena is thankful to see Damon slither up from the basement. She hugs him as Jeremy and Bonnie basically barf in unison. Klaus is caged by an invisible forcefield back at the Gilbert house, and Stefan makes a solo entrance back to the mansion, none too happy to see Elena and Damon so close. He winces but brings in the tombstone. Elena is majorly pissed off when Stefan tells her he didn’t dagger Rebekah. The nerve! Damon, unable to help himself, drops the Stebekah bomb, to which Elena is horrified. Stefan comes back at this with a sire bond reference to Damon, to which he throws a punch that sends Stefan to the ground. Just about to beat the shit out of Damon, Jeremy hulks out and rips his shirt off… OMG… that body! The mark spreads, and we’re left to wonder what will happen next.

Enjoy tonight’s episode everyone!