Round-up of Julie Plec’s post-4×15 interviews


“The second half [of the season] is about Elena now being a vampire with all the true definitions of the word: She’s driven by a desire to feed and she doesn’t care who she hurts along the way.”

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Elena and Stefan said they could be friends. How will he aid her through this dark phase?
Plec: We’ll see some really great Elena and Stefan moments for sure, just in a different form than we’re used to just because she’s a different person than we’re used to. Vampire Diaries Boss Reveals Why She Killed Off [Spoiler]! Plus: Scoop on Elena’s New ‘Happy Place,’ Bonnie’s ‘Visions’ and More!

TVLINE | How is humanity-free Elena different from Katherine?
Everything Katherine does is a sexual manipulation, is in her own best interest, for her own survival. She will plead and flirt and tease and lie and mindf—, excuse my language, anyone and everyone in order to fill her own best interest. Elena is more blunt and honest and, “It is what it is, and I am what I am and want what I want. And right now I would like to feed on that girl over there. And I resent you for trying to stop me.” Elena is just more direct about getting exactly what it is that she wants. She doesn’t need to rely on the tricks that Katherine has to pull out of her bag.

TVLINE | How is her new state going to affect her relationship and her feelings for Damon?
That is the big question. What is the truth of what she feels? How does the sire bond play into all this. What is their dynamic going to be moving forward when she’s not driven by a love for him necessarily. A lot of questions come up and get answered in the next couple episodes.
TVLINE | Are they still in a relationship?
We’ll have to find out.

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Can Elena and Damon sustain any kind of romance with her humanity gone? Is that even on the table?
Well, the first question is, what does she feel, if anything? And who does she feel it for, if anything? And where does she stand with Damon? Poor Damon, the big, lingering question that he’s been feeling from the beginning is “Is this love that she feels for me real?” He doesn’t believe it’s real because he doesn’t believe he deserves it, and he doesn’t believe he can be happy, but he wants so desperately to know. Now we’re in a predicament where she’s not really feeling anything at all.

Is there any chance for anyone to have a moment of happiness at the prom at this point?
There is a happy moment at the prom — actually, I don’t even know if I can definitively say it’s at the prom. There are several quintessential “Vampire Diaries” romantic, or sweet, or sad-and-sweet moments that happen surrounding the prom, scattered throughout the prom episode. The stakes are always high on our show, but we also need our characters to be able to have those life moments, like prom. Dancing with a cute boy at prom, getting greeted by your boyfriend in his tuxedo, all those great moments. ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Julie Plec talks last night’s death, teases ‘adventures of new vampire Elena’

Talk to me about the brothers’ role in her life now.
Well, at the beginning of the season, after Elena became a vampire, the boys were arguing about how to handle it. Each of them had very clear points of view that were in opposition to the other, and when all is said and done, they were both right. Now, we find ourselves again with the brothers trying to figure out what the hell they’re going to do with her. “Do we help her turn it back on?” “Do we leave it off?” “Do we lock her up?” Do we hold her hand?” “Do we make her have fun?” “Do we send her back to school?” [They have] all these questions and frankly have no idea how to manage. That’s the first episode when we come back; it’s them figuring out, “What do we do with her?” ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Boss on Elena’s ‘Tsunami of Grief’ And The Aftermath Of [spoiler]’s Death

The rest of the gang mourning Jeremy’s death was really affecting too.
I wanted everybody to represent a different dynamic of what happens when someone experiences great loss. […] Then there’s the strong, stoic, ‘I’m going to stand by your side no matter how painful it is for me because I know it doesn’t compare to your pain,’ you had that in Stefan and ultimately in Matt.

How long will we have No Humanity Elena?
I will not answer that, but I will say that it’s not just a quick two-episode arc and then it’s over. We’re going to dig deep into it and let it play for a while.