Shocking Salvatore secrets to be revealed

From Hollywood Life: ‘Vampire Diaries’: Janina Gavankar Previews Shocking Salvatore Secrets

>> So, we know almost nothing about Tessa, except that she ‘thwarts’ Damon & Elena’s plan to save Stefan.
Ah, yes, excellent use of ‘thwarts.’ We first meet her on episode three, which is called ‘Original Sin.’ It’s a flashback episode, so you will learn a lot. Tessa singlehandedly tells you a lot of information. She’s part of Stefan’s past, and she’s about to bring the truth.

>> How far back does Tessa go with Stefan?
As far back as he does. … You’ll understand exactly what that means after the episode airs.

>> Will what we learn change the way we look at Stefan?
Yes, definitely.

>> OK, now let’s talk about Damon. I understand Tessa reveals something bad about his future?
Oh, I do, that’s right! I can’t tell you exactly what she tells him, but Tessa knows all. She’s about to drop a bomb [on Damon and Stefan], whether they want to hear it or not, which they don’t. Most people don’t want to know what she knows, but she’s about to make them face the truth. She’s like, ‘Listen, sit down, because I’m about to handle things the way that I need to.’