Silas and other new characters to be seen in season 5

From EW: ‘Vampire Diaries’ scoop: Meet six fresh faces for season 5

Silas (Paul Wesley)
The face is familiar, but it’s a totally new role for Wesley, who’s now also playing the 2,000 year old immortal who quickly returns to Mystic Falls. “The fun of Silas is much like season 1 Damon [Ian Somerhalder] in that he’s up to something and no one can quite figure out what it is,” exec producer Julie Plec says. “Specifically for Damon, it’s driving him crazy because it’s like the tables have turned: If you remember in season 1, Stefan was always saying to Damon, ‘What are you up to?’ and Damon’s like, ‘That’s for me to know and you to….’ Silas plays the same little tricks on Damon, so it’s up to Damon to get to the bottom of what Silas wants, what he’s doing to get it, how it’s gonna impact all of them, and ultimately how they can put a stop to it.” Wesley agrees that Silas is fun: “Silas definitely sees Damon as being beneath him, on every level — experience, knowledge. Damon has always been the one to be the smartass who outclasses everyone else. So it’s nice,” Wesley says. “I’m getting my revenge for playing droopy, sad Stefan for five years.”

A few words about Stefan, too:

Stefan (Paul Wesley), villain Silas’ surprise doppelgänger, remains trapped in a water-logged safe drowning over and over again. “He has all these weird dreams and visions,” Wesley says, “and when he gets out, it’s almost like PTSD.”