Stand by Me – 4×15 – Quick Recap

As most of you know, these current episodes are mostly nightmarish, so we’re leaving the “dream” part out.  


With Jeremy dead and Elena flipping out, Damon stays behind on the island to find Bonnie. Stefan heads back to Mystic Falls with Elena and Jeremy’s body. Caroline has been scrubbing out Kol’s death spot like someone on meth, but she just can’t get it out. These are sad times.

Bonnie wakes up in the forest and Shane shows up talking about wild berries and some such nonsense. With crazy cult eyes, Shane tells Bonnie he’s been healed by Silas, and then breaks it to her that Jeremy is dead.


Elena is in denial. She still thinks there is hope for Jeremy, and who can blame her? He’s come back from the dead more than once. Stefan and Caroline have a chat on the porch about Tyler and Klaus and casseroles. Then they start to smell Jeremy’s body… he’s starting to stink apparently.

Damon and Bex go for a walk in the woods. An arrow pops out of nowhere, and Damon uses Bex as a human shield. Vaughn is back and has somehow been turned into an inept weakling who can’t fight off Damon.

Bonnie nearly burns the forest down in her despair over Jeremy, but Shane calms her down. He says she will see Jeremy again. Uh, huh.

Meredith comes to check on Jeremy and breaks it down for Elena, using all sorts of medical jargon to paint a very bleak picture and says they need to set up a viewing at the funeral home pronto. Elena freaks and body slams Meredith. Sort of deserved, I’d say. Way to break it to her gently, Meredith!

Matt comes over and is pretty upset. He makes us cry *tears*


Matt and Elena bond over coffee. Elena tells Matt that she thinks Damon kind of loves Bonnie because he’s a complete asshole to her, which makes complete and total sense. You hurt the ones you love, ya know?

Damon has Vaughn all tied up. He wants answers. Bex comes along after digging the arrow out from her spinal cord and gets Vaughn to spill. He’s been working with Katherine to help find Silas… and Hayley has been Kat’s inside source.

Damon talks out of both sides of his mouth again about Elena and the cure and Bonnie.

Shane wants Bonnie to help him massacre a bunch more people. She says hell no until she trips over Jeremy who isn’t really there… then she says she’ll “do whatever it takes.”

Stefan and Meredith have a heart to heart. Meredith decides to bump the air conditioning to keep the stench from Jer’s rotting body at a minimum.

Bonnies comes out of the forest, and Damon gives her a big, juicy hug. WTF?

Matt takes Elena to Mystic Falls High School and shows her some graffiti that Jer did. They have a moment.

Stefan calls Elena and tells her to get on home. Bonnie might have a way to bring back Jeremy.

Bex tosses Vaughn in a cave. He tells her Silas is running about the island and tries to put the creep into her so she’ll stuff the cure down Silas’ throat.

Caroline keeps burning up her minutes leaving voice messages for Tyler.


Bonnie, Elena, Caroline and Matt do a huddle at the table where Bonnie tells them they just need to kill 12 people, and then Jeremy and every other supernatural creature that has ever died will come back. No worries that this means pretty much every baddie they’ve ever killed will be resurrected as well, right?

The phone rings. It’s April. Elena’ tells her Jeremy is dead as a doornail. Now, why do the Gilbert’s still even have a landline?

Elena finally smells what everyone else did. Jeremy is really gone 🙁

The realization hits Elena like a bulldozer. She’s no longer in denial. She orders Damon to carry Jer’s body down to the couch. Elena starts spraying lighter fluid all over the place, counting off all the people that have been lost, all the people that are gone. She’s frantic. She’s hurting, and Stefan tells Damon to help her. It’s completely wrong seeing Damon wrap his arms around her head — that should be Stefan, but Stefan knows there isn’t any other choice. Damon is her sire. Damon being Damon, he instructs Elena to “turn it off,” and she does. It’s painful to see.

Matt drops Bonnie off at her house where super creepy Shane shows up to keep Bonnie on the Silas track.

It’s dark and horror movie-ish on the island where Bex trips over the real Shane. Yep, “Shane” in Mystic Falls is really Silas.

Matt parks his truck and has a major breakdown.

Elena looks at a picture of she and Jeremy and feels nothing. Stefan tells Damon he made the wrong choice, but Damon tries to convince him otherwise. Defan attempt to have a moment. It’s a little awkward considering their track record.


Elena decides to torch the house… and Jeremy. The Elena we knew and loved is gone. She’s really gone… for now.