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6 thoughts on “Fan Fictions

    1. Sabine, I found out your writer’s name on FF is Thoughtsaremeanttobeletout, actually. I added you to our page, thank you! 🙂

  1. Hi everyone here. I`ve searched interbet and was looking for some SE ff stories and I foubd this page. To be honest I know a lot of writers from this page like Emira (I`m tweeing with her XD). I also write some ff stories on where I`m tpiapiac if tou want to read something written by me ;D
    My website is a Polish story with trabslate as an option about not Stelena but my own characters whom loik like them. Yeah, I was crazy about this Dobsley thing before I bagan all this 🙂
    Please visit me if you want it`ll be a pleasure for me.

  2. Hello. I too, love SE fanfictions. They’re my only outlet from the dreadful series! Anyway, I know this one writer: Leia Belle Organa. She is literally the strongest Stelena shipper I know. “A Soul Resurfaces” and “A New Life” and “Living Again” are three of her best stories. And, thank God, she’s writing a sequel to “A Soul Resurfaces”: “Never Let Ne Go.” Even in S7, she still supports Stefan and Elena’s love for each other. Here’s the link:

  3. I LOVE Leia Belle Organa’s stories! She is, quite literally the best Stelena writer on! And her newest story: “Never Let Me Go”, a Stelena alternate Season 7 is mind-blowing! A must read! It’s a shame she’s not listed on this site.

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