Season 1 Playlist

  1. Never Say Never The Fray
  2. Gravity Sara Bareilles
  3. Temptation Moby
  4. All We Are Matt Nathanson
  5. Back in Time VV Brown
  6. Be There Howie Day
  7. Down Jason Walker
  8. The Weight Of Us Sanders Bohlke
  9. All The World Fauxliage
  10. Come Back When You Can Barcelona
  11. Cut Plumb
  12. This Is Beautiful Tyrone Wells
  13. All You Wanted Sound Under Radio



1×01: Thinking Of You by Katy Perry
~ Elena and Stefan arrive at the Grill.

1×01: Never Say Never by The Fray
~ Elena invites Stefan into her house to talk.

1×02: Gravity by Sara Bareilles
~ Stefan and Elena kiss for the first time.

1×03: Temptation by Moby
~ Stefan holds Elena to comfort her; Stefan writes in his journal.

1×04: Back In Time by V V Brown
~ Elena and Stefan look at the artefacts.

1×04: All We Are by Matt Nathanson
~ Stefan and Elena dance; Elena asks him about Katherine.

1×05: Be There by Howie Day
~ Stefan and Elena cook in the kitchen; Stefan tells her the things he likes.

1×06: Down by Jason Walker
~ Elena tells Stefan that she can’t be with him.

1×07: The Weight Of Us by Sanders Bohlke
~ Elena tells Stefan she can’t forget the way she feels about him.

1×08: All The World by Fauxliage
~ Elena joins Stefan at the pool table.

1×09: Come Back When You Can by Barcelona
~ Stefan breaks down; Elena explains everything to Bonnie.

1×10: Cut by Plumb
~ Stefan and Elena make love.

1×10: This Is Beautiful by Tyrone Wells
~ Stefan and Elena talk in bed.

1×12: Slow Dance by Jocko Marcellino
~ Stefan apologizes to Elena for dragging her to the dance.

1×12: Great Balls Of Fire by The Misfits
~ Stefan shows off his 50s dance moves.

1×17: All You Wanted by Sounds Under Radio
~ Stefan reassures Elena.

1×18: Use Your Love by Katy Perry
~ Stefan asks Elena to dance.

2 thoughts on “Season 1 Playlist

  1. “Never say never” , “Come back when you can”, “Down”, “Cut” my favourites 🙂 It seems in season 1 they had the best scenes and songs.

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