Season 2 Playlist

  1. All This Time One Republic
  2. Time Of Our Lives Tyrone Wells
  3. I Need To Know Kris Allen
  4. Counting Sleep Trent Dabbs
  5. Wires Athletes
  6. This = Love The Script
  7. Brave Tawgs Salter
  8. Amen Omen Ben Harper
  9. Longest Night Howie Day
  10. Losing Your Memory Ryan Star
  11. You Wait For Rain Kyler England



2×02: All This Time by OneRepublic
~ Stefan drags Elena to the carnival for their kiss at the top of the ferris wheel.

2×04: Time Of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells
~ Stefan and Elena pretend to fight.

2×05: Counting Sleep by Trent Dabbs
~ Elena and Stefan plan their relationship problems act.

2×05: I Need To Know by Kris Allen
~ Elena offers her blood to Stefan.

2×06: This = Love by The Script
~ Stefan and Elena make out and talk in bed.

2×06: Wires by Athlete
~ Elena breaks up with Stefan to protect the people she loves.

2×07: Brave by Tawgs Salter
~ Elena tells Stefan she needs to feel safe before she can be with him.

2×09: Amen Omen by Ben Harper
~ Elena breaks down in Stefan’s arms.

2×11: Longest Night by Howie Day
~ Stefan and Elena are reunited.

2×13: Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star
~ Stefan takes Elena and Bonnie over to stay with Caroline.

2×14: You Wait For Rain by Kyler England
~ Elena reminisces about her parents.

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