Season 4 Playlist

  1. Wait for the Morning Amy Stroup
  2. Change Kopecky Family Band
  3. Ungodly Hour The Fray
  4. Don't Say Oh Well Grouplove
  5. Too Close Alex Care
  6. Happening Olivia Broadfield
  7. Smother Daughter
  8. Walking Bling Aidan Hawken
  9. Skin Zola Jesus
  10. Stay Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko
  11. Sail Awolnation



4×01: Wait For The Morning by Amy Stroup
~ Stefan and Elena talk on the rooftop; he puts a daylight ring on her finger.

4×02: Hurt by The Gods Of Macho
~ Elena and Stefan make out in the forest.

4×02: Change by Kopecky Family Band
~ Stefan serves Elena champagne to celebrate her first feeding.

4×02: Ungodly Hour by The Fray
~ Stefan, Elena and their friends light lanterns for all the people they’ve lost.

4×03: Don’t Say Oh Well by Grouplove
~ Stefan takes Elena for a ride on his motorcycle.

4×03: Too Close by Alex Clare
~ Stelena’s hot making-out gets interrupted by Elena’s hallucination.

4×04: Happening by Olivia Broadfield
~ Elena tells Stefan she doesn’t think she can survive being a vampire.

4×05: Smother by Daughter
~ Elena and Stefan both write in their diaries about recent events.

4×06: Walking Blind by Aidan Hawken & Carina Round
~ Stefan and Elena break up.

4×11: Skin by Zola Jesus
~ Elena asks Stefan why he has teamed up with Rebekah.

4×19: Stay by Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko)
~ Stefan reminds Elena of how it felt when they used to dance.

4×22: Sail by Awolnation
~ Stefan tries to get Elena to let go of her hatred for Katherine by putting her through a workout.

4 thoughts on “Season 4 Playlist

  1. Wow! beautiful song! The scene with Stefan and Elena made it even more beautiful. It seems as though it is telling the story of their new life together! Awesome!

  2. i am so happy happening is SE song the lyricrs r so beautiful n meaningful wish someone make a fan video using that song

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