5 thoughts on “STELENA STORY

  1. I love Stelena! They need to bring back Stephan and Elena as a couple again! I fell in love with this show seeing Stephan and Elena grow closer and closer! I don’t like how they ended that relationship. Damon is not right for her! I am cheering and rooting for a Stephan and Elena reunion!

  2. I am hooked to this. Only started watching this on Netflix last week from series one and I’m up to the middle of series 4 now. I absolutely love stelena! I’m gutted she’s going towards Damon now, but I’m hoping as I’m getting through the episodes that she will find her way back to Stefan. Its the main reason I’m watching it. Be guttred if stelena don’t get back together

    1. So glad you found the series and are loving Stelena! Proceed with caution as you continue… hard times ahead for Stelena. Wish I could tell you differently, but hopefully they’ll find each other again eventually!

  3. Omg all of u guys are my fammmmm!!! Stelena foreverrrrr. The first time I watched I was hardcore Damon and Elena now I’m hardcore Stefan and Elena allll the way! It’s nice to that there is still Stelena fans! Love you guys 😘🔥❤️

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