Season 6

Stelena S6bis

6×03 – Welcome to Paradise: “I wanted to stop by and say hi.”
* Watch the scene here *

6×04 – Black Hole Sun: Stefan Cooper proposal to Elena Williams
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6×08 – Fade Into You: “I was in love with you. I wanted you to know everything.”
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6×10 – Christmas Through Your Eyes: Stefan and Elena sitting vigil for Liz in the hospital
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6×16 – The Downward Spiral: “Just remember to bring me back.”
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6×22 – I’m Thinking Of You All The While: Stefan and Elena say goodbye
* Watch the scenes here and here *

2 thoughts on “Season 6

  1. For the longest time I have been so heartbroken because of Dullena and Steroline. But now I have decided to be like Bonnie. Hope is the only thing keeping me going. Bonnie is now my favorite because she taught me to stay strong and to always have hope. So I have hope for Bamon, Stelena, and Klaroline.

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