Great SE teasers for the first 2 episodes

From Zap2it: TVD Season 4 Scoop

Expect some seriously sexy Stelena stuff. Obviously, there’s their usual sweet romance, and the symbolism of Stefan putting the daylight ring on Elena’s finger when they could now literally spend eternity together isn’t lost. But holy moly, it’s been a few years since we’ve seen a really hot, charged, sparks-flying-everywhere type of scene between Stefan and Elena — and Stelena fans will finally get their kicks again in episode 2.
Unfortunately, the dirty-hot-wall-slamming-vampire-sexiness doesn’t end the way that it should. (It ends with vomit, guys. Bloody vomit. So much of it. You’ve been warned.)

Also from @cadlymack:

“The ‘wall-slamming’ is just an expression. He actually slams her against a tree.”
“They don’t actually get to the sex part.”

From KSite TV: Ten Things About Season 4′s First Two Episodes

1. Shipper stuff galore. I will say this: One group will be extremely happy, but another group will get some fan service as well. TVD knows how to create the drama.
4. Steamy vampire sex. Again, where I feel like an old stick in the mud — there are some scenes that get almost porny in nature. I’m not sure it belongs at the 8PM hour but then again, all the blood and gore probably wouldn’t either. The Vampire Diaries doesn’t need to be True Blood, but I know there are people who are into that sort of thing.

From Celebuzz: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Premiere: 7 Scoops on Season 4

With Elena’s emotions heightened, the chemistry between her and Stefan is off the charts and you’ll see that on screen in the first two episodes. Though their first bout of vamp sex is unfortunately put on hold thanks to Elena’s difficulty feeding. (Damn!)

From TV Overmind: TVD Season premiere teasers

Elena does remember some important things she had been forced to forget. She then spends an important portion of her transition period with Stefan – in less than ideal circumstances – and reaffirms her love for him. Elena is comfortable with the choice that she made in the season 3 finale, no matter what she might recall now. But where does that leave Damon? With even more anger.

From TV Line: 12 To-Die-For Bits From the First Two Episodes

A tender moment between Stefan and Elena manages to thaw even Rebekah’s heart.

From the Examiner: TVD Season 4 transitions & things will never be the same

A shift in the authority in town has the new short arm of the law rounding and locking up all of the vampires, and Elena gets tossed in a cage with them. With Stefan by her side there is opportunity for tenderness as they assume they have to say their good-byes, but that means the pressure falls on others to get Elena the blood she needs.
There is also a stronger sense of love shared between the characters than ever before—as evidenced by just how far they’ll go for each other, regardless of how it puts themselves in harm’s way.

From @AndySwift (HollywoodLife):

#TVD: Real talk – There’s an insane amount of Stefan/Elena cuteness in 402.