Summer of Love: Battle of the Stelena Scenes + More!


We’re officially starting our Summer of Love! Even though Elena is spending her summer with Damon back in Mystic Falls (barf), we choose to believe she had a last minute change of heart and skipped town with Stefan (yay!). We can stay delusional until October, right?

So, what is the Summer of Love? It’s all about keeping the love for Stefan and Elena through this very long summer and having some fun along the way. First up is the Battle of the Stelena Scenes: Season 4 Edition. This is an elimination game that will run through the summer. Each week, you choose the scene you like the LEAST. That scene gets eliminated, and we get closer to our winner, your favorite Stelena scene of Season 4! It’s also a great way to look back and refresh your memory on what Stefan and Elena have been through. Some of the scenes are pretty hard for our ship, but one thing always remains certain, and that’s the incredible chemistry that these two characters share with one another.

If you haven’t joined our Forum yet, definitely give it a shot (you do need to register). Not only will you find deep, detailed discussions (including spoiler discussion for S5), but there are fun activities in the Steftivities section (in Stelena Events) too!

There will be more ahead, and we’ll keep you posted!