Caroline Dries interview for TV Guide

And as we’ve seen in previews, Stefan isn’t showing up alone. “Stefan tugs along Elena (Nina Dobrev) not realizing it’s Katherine … and you have this chemistry starting to re-sizzle […]

Caroline Dries Dishes on TVD’s 100th Episode & Season 5 Storylines

Stefan and Nadia seem to be the only two people who are sticking by Katherine’s side in her time of need. Do you think she’s deserving of their loyalty and […]

Caroline Dries on Stefan, Katherine and the Doppelgänger prophecy

Moving onto Katherine and Stefan, people seem to love them together. Dries: I’m so pro-Stefan and Katherine too and I think it’s because they have such deep dark history. I […]

Caroline Dries teases a “rich and heartbreaking story” for Stefan in season 5

From Gime Me My Remote: How soon will people start to piece together that Silas is pretending to be Stefan? CD: I won’t tell you how, but I will say […]

Stefan spoilers from Julie Plec and Caroline Dries

From J. Plec interview for Don’t expect Stefan to come out of the quarry unscathed. Plec hints that when he finally emerges from confinement, he’ll be both the same […]

TVD’s biggest twists: doppelgangers, vampire Elena and more

A round-up of TVD’s biggest twists by TV Line, with Julie Plec’s and Caroline Dries’ comments: Elena is Katherine’s doppelganger (season 1) “I’ll be honest with you, we were baffled […]