The cute story behind the zebra presence on set for 4×02

Remember when Nina tweeted this cute picture of a baby zebra on set and everyone was wondering what such an exotic animal was doing in the woods of Mystic Falls?

Well, thanks to alwayschoosenina Tumblr, we now have the answer:

“Paul told us the story at the private m&g at the convention in August. He showed us a video on his phone of him and Nina with the zebra it was so cute I thought I would die. He was like in love with this zebra it was obvious to me that he was just so amused by the situation.”

“I think this is the cutest thing in the world, I took a whole bunch of photos. So we had this scene with a deer, where someone is hunting for a deer. This deer that they brought in, this stunt deer, was a baby deer… and apparently it had anxiety. It couldn’t handle being away from its best friend, the baby zebra. So the baby zebra and the best friend deer would have anxiety when they were apart so they had to travel together. So they brought the zebra for no other reason than to just be on set with the baby deer. Is that not the cutest thing?”