The Killer: Dreams & Nightmares Recap

How is everyone feeling about seeing Elena go absolutely batty on tonight’s upcoming episode? Well, take your mind off of it for a few moments and check out our Dreams and Nightmares recap for 4×05, The Killer.


Stefan/Elena: Dear Diary is back! Doesn’t this take us back to Season 1 when we were just getting to know Stefan and Elena? Their journal entries helped us to understand parts of their back story and their innermost feelings about themselves and each other. It wouldn’t have been the same had Elena been spilling her guts about Stefan to Caroline and Bonnie or Stefan spilling his to…. hmmmm… well, who do loners spill their guts to? Elena’s most recent entry tells us exactly how she is feeling about her transition, as she says, “The thing is, I’m a vampire, and I hate it… I’m scared.” While Elena feels sort of hopeless about the entire thing, Stefan is across town, writing down his own thoughts, believing in hope and that he’ll get the cure for Elena. He wants to “give her back her life,” “no matter what it takes.”

Our next dreamy Stelena moment is when Elena runs to Stefan and hugs him as the rest of the gang is having a pow wow about how they’re going to take care of Connor. She rushes him as soon as he appears, and we can literally feel the love. Even though the two sort of separate as Stefan hatches his own plan, they come back together at the Grill in a tag team effort to save Jeremy. Elena takes Connor down and Stefan snatches Jeremy, putting a giant table between them and Connor’s homemade bomb. Even uncoordinated, they make an awesome team!

Stefan/Damon: I have to admit that I kind of liked the brotherly bonding we were treated to in The Killer. Stefan tells Damon the reason he’s trying to protect Connor and Damon finds a way to understand. He even finds a way to support his brother, saying that even though he’s fine with Elena either way, he’s “doing this for you (Stefan).” I’m glad all of that happened, but I have to admit my biggest dream moment for them was when Stefan stabbed Damon with the leftover Vervain dart! Though it was just a means to an end for Stefan, it had to feel good!

Elena: While killing a person was a complete and total nightmare for Elena, it was more like a dream for me, knowing that she killed someone in self defense, a man who was hellbent on killing her and all her kind. I’ve got to believe that this will be easier for Elena to deal with in the long run than if she’d killed a meek librarian walking home alone at night. Elena was in full bad ass mode, telling Connor “you missed” right before she broke his neck. Of course the repercussions of killing a Hunter aren’t going to be fun at all, but we know she’ll get through it and be all the better for it… or so I hope.


Stefan/Elena: Just as we have Stelena dreams, we have Stelena nightmares. It seems to be the natural balance of things. We had to know that Stefan keeping secrets was going to come back to haunt him, and while we applaud his reasons for keeping things from Elena, it doesn’t bode well for their relationship. Elena is crying and angry at both Stefan and Damon, but it has to hurt Stefan even more. “I killed someone!” Elena cries and probably feels more alone than ever even though she is still surrounded by people who love and support her. We can only wait and see how Elena will react to Stefan as she endures this Hunter curse, if she will learn to trust him again and to always know that no matter what he does, it’s for a good reason… and that reason is always her.

Elena/Damon: Damon is lurking right outside Elena’s bedroom door as she opens it! And some people say Stefan is a stalker? Damon’s obvious excitement over having Elena pin him down on Alaric’s (I think) old bed wasn’t our favorite moment either, was it?

Elena: Connor was an appropriate kill for Elena, but seeing “KILLER” scrawled on her mirror in blood and having to endure the hallucinations that are sure to follow, Connor’s death is coming back to bite Elena with a nightmarish vengeance!

Stefan/Damon: Damon tries to pull Stefan’s heart out. Not cool brother!

Connor: Somehow I don’t think that was the first hybrid head he’d brought back to his motor home. Sticking that syringe in the dead guys gums was a little like fingernails on a chalkboard! Then he sets off a bomb that impales untold shards of glass into a previously attractive hybrid. At least the giant hole he blew in his chest was a quick way to end the guy’s pain. For those of you who don’t like blood and guts, this may have been a difficult episode to watch!

Jeremy: The Hunter’s mark shows up on this hand. This can’t be good!

Professor Shane/Bonnie: Oh, Bonnie. I get that you must sort of trust Professor Shane since your Grams apparently worked with him, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept aboriginal spirit guide tea in his grungy, dank office. Lord only knows what all he put in there! What we know is that you lost seven hours after being “hypnotized” and lit about two hundred candles that just happened to be set out all around the Professor’s office. Creepy much? At least Bonnie didn’t have to endure Damon trying to prod her “out of retirement.” I have this dream that Bonnie is the one secretly manipulating everyone else around her, but then I wake up.

Caroline/Tyler: Well, for those who like cat fights, one nearly happened between Caroline and Hailey, though Hailey doesn’t do teen drama, so we missed out on some hair pulling and punches. What did happen was that Caroline found out about whatever it was Tyler and Hailey had going on up in the Appalachians, sort of. Tyler swears it was nothing more than Hailey helping him break his sire bond, but Caroline can’t be sure. Now Tyler’s number one priority seems to be helping other hybrids break the bond, a noble endeavor for sure, but will it destroy Forwood?

April: This girl has “trauma” written all over her. Her parents are gone, and now Rebekah, the one chick who was going to help her out, has mysteriously disappeared. April shows up at the Mystic Grill to inquire about her whereabouts at the worst possible of times. She quickly becomes one of Connor’s hostages, a man who is “familiar” to her. Could it be she remembers him gutting her and turning her into vampire bait? Is there more? After the entire episode is over, she’s been compelled to forget it all. She’s crushing on Matt and maybe Jeremy too. Coffee sounds great, but the Mystic Grill is closed. Poor April gets ditched but not before Jeremy hands her a bracelet that she thinks he found on the ground. April is like, no thanks, until Matt says it looks great on her. Are there not better ways to supply her with Vervain than to give her a bracelet that appears to have been scooped up off of the sidewalk? Oy!

Enjoy 4×06!