The Stelena Shippers Survival Guide

Our latest poll asked you, the Stelena shippers, how you’re dealing with the breakup. A good portion of you, close to 60%, were either really, really sad or completely devastated. Another 20+% of you were bummed, seeing this as a bump in the road and not the end of the Stelena world, while close to 10% of you were strangely okay with this… it’s better to get Delena out of the way sooner rather than later, right? 

Well, if even one of our Stelena peeps was feeling less than okay about the breakup, we would have felt the need to intervene and share some words of advice. With a new episode coming up and the possibility of even more Delena (icky), we offer this guide in hopes it helps you get through.


1) SEEK OUT SUPPORT: There is no better way to deal with your feelings about Stefan and Elena breaking up than to find like minded individuals who not only completely get where you’re coming from but can also offer a shoulder to cry, yell, scream and lean on. Whether you find them in real life or on Twitter, Tumblr or in forums like ours, your Stelena family will be there for you. (gif source)

2) KEEP CLEAR OF HEAVY OBJECTS: This is a word of advice to those SEsters & SErs who plan to watch upcoming episodes but are not properly prepared for what may appear on their screens. Yes, I’m speaking of the horrible possibility of Delena happening in deeper ways than many of us are able to digest. In this case, please be sure that you have removed all heavy and/or breakable objects from the vicinity of the place in which you plan to watch. Your parents, partner, kids, roommates, etc. will be none too happy if that TV they just got on Black Friday is reduced to glass shards when you, possibly without even knowing it, decimate it because of Delena. (gif source)

3) PURCHASE A BODY PILLOW: You know what those are, right? The big, near body length pillows that people use to help them sleep. Well, for you, the on edge Stelena shipper, these body pillows provide many other opportunities. They are perfect for hiding, like actually burying your face in when some upsetting Delena scene creeps on screen. They are even better for punching and cursing at, saving your walls from unnecessary holes and repairs you’ll regret having to do. Even better, print out a picture of Damon, attach to pillow with a safety pin and beat to your heart’s content… or just watch Stefan do it over and over again. (gif source)

4) JUST DON’T WATCH: If you know you can’t handle the possibility of seeing Delena or are just so bummed about seeing Stefan and Elena broken up, like if it’s actually affecting your sleep patterns and concentration, then don’t watch! Take a break, envision a Stelena vacation where Stefan and Elena are on a beach somewhere, sipping on mojitos and thanking their lucky stars they have each other. I’m sure Elena would appreciate the fantasy. She doesn’t appear to be happy with her own behavior as of late. Now, of course it’s nearly impossible to keep those real life spoilers from creeping into your Stelena paradise. I mean, don’t we all have a Delena shipping friend or two who likes to text or tweet us with an “OMG… Delena is finally happening for reals!” every now and again or a well meaning Stelena friend that lets it slip that Damon and Elena have finally “gone there?” Well, in these cases, denial is your best friend. These are the moments that cult stares come in handy and you say something like “I don’t know what you’re talking about” or you just completely change the subject. I’d suggest discussing the weather. Lastly, please make sure your Stelena exile doesn’t last forever. Just come back to us when you can. (gif source)

5) FOCUS ON/REMEMBER THE GOOD: Things are rough for Stefan and Elena, but they’ve been rough before. For every bad thing that is happening to them, there is probably a good thing going on, much more subtle than the bad that is being shoved in our faces, but certainly still there. There are plenty of reasons to keep the Stelena faith and to believe in a strong Stelena future. (gif source)

There it is. Five easy steps for survival. Can you think of more? Please tell us in the comments or the shoutbox!