#TVD 8×11 {#YouMadeAChoiceToBeGood} Recap

Recap by Jaye

Gonna start with a huge sigh. Why? The recon and destruction continues and Stefan has become unrecognizable. But c’est la vie.

Conversations about being human versus being a vampire seemed to be the crux of the episode. And some more hypocrisy in the telling of the preferences was evident here. Matt and his back and forth pontificating about his feelings about vampires has caused whiplash. The latest in a series of I-hate-I debate-I-tolerate-I like-I dislike-I’ll-take ’em-I’ll leave ’em-don’t want’em and his latest and apparently permanent pronouncement is that although Stefan was under the influence of Cade and without his humanity, his horrific behavior is entirely his fault; as opposed to you Matt whilst being compulsed you rang the bell to destroy your beloved town, but that was seemingly not his fault. I by no means am defending Stefan for his actions here, but dang, fraternizing with vampires and using them in an effort to help when in a compromised situation and then casting them aside at other times is hypocrisy. See, it’s not that I don’t get ambivalence, and it’s not that I don’t get how being hurt or losing family, property and friends to these creatures is devastating, I just think there should be a more even and consistent attitude. Ack, oh well.

Caroline it appears, loves, loves, loves being a vampire. Enzo wants to be human for Bonnie; Bonnie doesn’t want to be a vampire. Dorian considered becoming a vampire. Caroline wanted to give Matt and Dorian the ‘gift’ of vampirism.
In the meantime, Caroline had a plan, that as usual, involved Bonnie sacrificing her happiness yet again. But then so what? per Caroline’s logic, as long as her action would be sanctioned by Elena (saving the town) then it’s okay to postpone Bonnie’s ‘good life’ plans.

Cade (as usual) had an ultimatum for his puppet(s) Damon and Stefan. Go to hell, kill one hundred people or wait for it…”kill the love of your brother’s life”. Who is in this alternate truth— for Stefan, it’s Caroline. Stefan however chose to kill Elena–which seems oddly OOC but whateves.
It’s incandescently clear that Stefan is being written for the audience to fully and completely hate and instead embrace the newly reformed or on his way to being reformed Damon. Stefan’s plan? She’ll drown again (for the third time) so her life would come full circle. Apparently Stefan feels that killing Elena would rid him of Damon, because he wouldn’t need to save Damon from himself, even though theoretically Damon having Elena in his life wouldn’t need saving. Plus even if he did need saving (by society’s standards), Elena would forgive him given her poor standards. Makes zero sense but whateves.

I should have known that having Bonnie mention Enzo’s bucket list would mean he was going to kick the bucket–or at least appear to have kicked the bucket. Bonnie is devastated yet again, but wait…she’s a witch again right?
Stefan ‘kills’ Enzo just as Bonnie injects ‘the cure’. Stefan’s human.

I should be rejoicing in that fact, so should Stefan. Afterall of all the vampires we have met, he was one of the ones who lamented about being a vamp. He didn’t embrace it, couldn’t control it. His ‘split personality’ bore out this dilemma. He went from one extreme to the next.
Yet, they have screwed with his character so much that I am uncertain how I feel about his new reality; and I’m uncertain how he’ll react to this latest twist. Time was I knew exactly who he was and what he’d do. I suppose guilt and shame will plague him now more than ever–but who knows? And more sadly, I have to consider if it will mean anything worthwhile.

And five to go…