#TVD 8×12 {#WhatAreYou?}

Recap by Jaye

What are you? It’s the question Elena asked Stefan when she suspected he wasn’t human. “I’m a vampire” said he (sexily I might add). That was then. And now? What are you Stefan? Who are you? In my last post, I lamented that the Stefan I appreciated was nowhere to be seen on my screen.
I find myself in a pickle, figuring out how, after eight years to immerse myself into a Stefan that is human. Here’s a character that ‘had’ me from hello. That drew me into his pain and joy. That made it easy for me to compartmentalize his true nature (that of a depraved animal)–from his adopted one. That valiantly attempted to act in a manner that suggested he appreciated societal mores. That took me on a Ferris wheel ride and made me believe that, knowing what he is– in every aspect of his savagery, I could actually love this monster. For that’s what he has always been–a monster. And yet those humane and human qualities he espoused and the ones he exhibited that first sucked me in made me at times accept his efforts to be better than nature’s plan for him.

He hated being a vampire. It was not a state he nurtured, and it’s been so, so long since he was flesh and blood. And now, he too is in a pickle. It was to be expected of course that Stefan would drown in his guilt and shame–incidentally those qualities was ever present whilst living his un-life, yet given to anarchy when armed with an inability to exercise free will.

The road to redemption is long and arduous, at least for the Salvatore lads. Stefan has followed that particular yellow brick road for a while now. More recently there have been some evidence that Damon started easing on down that road as well. Oh..there has been shortcuts, caution signs roadblocks and wizards, but never a dead end. One of my pet peeve with TVD writer’s is their inability or unwllingness to follow their own mythology. Maybe they have a retrieving issue–both in recollecting that
a)they have had actual people with brains (and intact memory banks) who made up their once thriving viewership and
b)in telling a story based on established foundation.
I mean if for nothing else, we have video as evidence for god’s sake.

Matt’s new found prominence in the shows plot regarding his family history has not and did not interest me. Truth is, Matt is a character I can take or leave and the flashbacks about his importance to the town was not only disengaging, they depicted a storyline incongruous with the shortened timeline given the urgency of TVD’s ending. Maybe if this plot twist had been hinted at, say…in season 6, maybe I could care about Matt’s family and their importance to the history of MF. Now? it is distracting and non-compelling. Equally annoying was the return of Seline and Sybil and their cannibalistic devil of a story. Let’s include Alaric in the award for ‘tits on a bull’ characters.

You mean to tell me that the only way to find out waz up with the journal–why Cade wanted it and what is its importance to the sanctity of the town’s people was to hypnotize Matt? Seriously? Can’t they just read the damn thing? Or…I dunno…maybe copy the content? Also why couldn’t Cade–big bad that he is–get the journal himself? Oh, speaking of bad…hello Kai.

Bonnie, Bonnie. Gurl your grief was gut-wrenchingly real. So much so that it opened up the Hells mouth door. Out comes Kai? and the shadow person. Who is it?? Kat???? Jeremy??? It was interesting seeing Abby..meh, maybe not, but it was nice that she was there to comfort her daughter. Mind you Bonnie has come a long way with regard to being in the company of vamps. From despising them to loving one completely (two if you count Damon). Lest we forget Enzo was no paragon. But of course Enzo will be back, what with that vial of blood Bonnie has. Dunno, maybe there’s a distant relative of Enzo that looks just like him, will come calling.

Caroline needs to get a clue that things change. Please dear lord..no wedding! :yawn:
Stefan in pain is not something I like to see–expected or not. Warranted or not. But this version is infinitesimally better than what we have seen these past episodes. Damon’s need and want to protect Stefan pitted him against his former BFF. The writers [will] always give these extremely fractured kind of characters a pass. I expect no less for Stefan. But what form will it take and what sacrifices will have to be made? Fact is the brothers save each other–that’s evident, but who will be left standing? Will either of them?

The scene between human Stefan and vampire Damon was a bit underplayed. I have nothing against that direction per se…it’s just that they didn’t even touch. The words were nice but the affect seemed flat. What was clear was that Stefan seemed completely lost and needed his big bro to step up. Damn if he didn’t.

Four to go…