#TVD 8×13 {#TheLiesAreGoingToCatchUpToYou} Recap

Recap by Jaye

If only the title were a true adage that would somehow have an impact on the writer’s of this series not to mention a thump on the clockwork orange mentality of this president. The impact would somehow be the equivalent of having a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and they would suddenly wake up and do the write right thing. If only.
In the reel world “the lies will catch up with you” was a prophesy made to Stefan by Damon after Stefan locked him in the cellar with the goal of desiccation. Kind of a duh and unnecessary statement actually, because he was talking to an chronically guilt ridden Stefan. Of course ‘the lies’ of which Damon spoke had to do with Stefan not accepting his vampiric nature.

There were some odd decisions made by characters in this episode. Characters who otherwise would be considered fairly smart or at least smart as is pertains to TVD standards. I suppose the lesson is, sense goes out the window when emotion is involved.
It’s never a good idea to sell your soul to the devil of course, and it’s equally fool hardy to talk to said devil. Bonnie should know better..but she did. Practicing black magic is never good, Bonnie knows that too…but she went there somehow. Grief-filled I suppose in her need to see Enzo again, and she did. He’s somewhere between hell, the other side and Bonnie’s little heaven haven. The question is why would Bonnie want to see the devil with the expectation that he would help her get Enzo’s soul out from hell? This is the same devil who bargains to keep souls…right?

The Salvatore brothers have sold their souls to Cade and at this juncture wants to spend the rest of their days atoning for their evil doing. It’s a question Damon and Stefan posed to Cade and Kai respectively–can they atone for what they have done. The writer’s question to the audience apparently is, is this a possibility. Given the short time that’s left and the skill of this writing pool, it’s doubtful. But I’m ready for a pleasant surprise. :shifty: Meanwhile I’m not holding my breath.
Regardless of the trajectory the writers choose to take, atonement and redemption are sticky wickets, as are the conceptualization of being ‘good’ and being ‘bad’; because the manner in which their principal is imposed often depends on the characters that seek it’s missive. “Good” (in this context) defined as compassionate, kind-hearted and caring and often adopts a ‘human’ moral code.

Kai (who is out of hell in limbo thanks to Matt) is just a bad person. He has no redeeming qualities, could care less and embraces his badness. He cannot be trusted he has proved that fact over and over again. Alaric knows it and you’d think that Damon would as well. But as usual when Elena’s name is mentioned all bets are off. Kai, after promising Damon to help with the Elena/Bonnie conundrum, promptly desiccates Damon and ‘disappears’ with Elena coffin in tow. No doubt it’s the ‘hiding coffin’ spell. Damon has, in the past chosen to accept his vampiric nature and has encouraged Stefan (and Elena) to do the same. Even with his newly displayed human moments, it’s still unclear if Damon is ‘good’ (as defined above). And if he is, has chosen to be or ‘good’ because he needs to be —for Elena.

Stefan’s torture and punishment continues. Self imposed torture and punishment to be sure, but also physical and verbal torment and castigation from a few, including Dorian whom I could give a crap about. Dorian shoots Stefan but not before he tells him the reason for his rage. Dorian of course represents the thoughts of the many as he invokes existential and empirical facts and reflection. He specifically questions: why should a murderer go unpunished and additionally and calls upon a perpetrator to recognize the ripper ripple effect of killings on families. Apparently Stefan is the only vampire that’s to held accountable for this actions. The thing is Stefan cannot change the past, no matter how much he wants to.

The writers have been inconsistent with their application of personality traits and morality. The blatant hypocrisy both philosophically and verbally is off the charts. Vampires are self-preserving beasts–it’s their nature. Humans have always been casualties of ‘war’ in the supernatural world. So having Alaric (for instance) pontificate about Damon’s bad plan re Bonnie/Kai now, is hypocritical. For one thing Alaric was once a vampire and for another Damon has, in the past, used his plans to help Alaric and co. extract themselves from bad situations. One ought not to stand on the apex of morality when it’s inconvenient.
Speaking of wishy-washy, when Alaric, Elena and Katherine became human, why didn’t people they compelled whilst they were vamps suddenly remember ‘things’ and come out the woodwork to hold them culpable when they became human?

Caroline and Stefan is hopefully over? (please writer god if you’re reading). Puleeze. The twins fit nicely into Caroline’s world now that she’s not obsessing about Stefan. I’m also hoping the twins will have a hand in Cade’s downfall. The episode was mediocre at best misguided at worst. Nothing new about that, but I’m waiting for something to give me pause and thoughtful reflection, not eye rolling and annoyance.

Three to go…