#TVD 8×9 {#TheSimpleIntimacyoftheNearTouch} Recap

Recap by Jaye

Watching the TVD these days is like going to a high school reunion and seeing your former flame looking kind of worse for wear. There are a few reminders of what that person looked like and what their disposition and temperament was. But most of your observance in the moment is how raggedy they have become. How unappealing and how far they have fallen.

Miss Mystic Falls pageant, like all of the reminders of seasons past–when TVD was hopeful and bright instead of this dull blight–was seemingly conceived to take season one and make the worst possible scenario. Stefan’s blood lust was explored and explained. Since then his character has developed into blood lust vamp on meth and his character has been deliberately and systemically emboweled. This episode was no different. In this episode not only is Stefan in full ripper mode, he has apparently been holding on to resentments without regret or conscience. Stefan has been designated to the lowest common denominator. Turning innocents and the like and being totally unlikeable. It’s sad really, that this ripper-humanity-off-gonna-make-him-do-horrific-things is the only plot devise they choose to utilize to drive home the point (again and again) that Stefan is no saint. I can’t help but wonder why? Although I actually DO know. We all know

As a part of the on going revisionist history theme this season, the implication is that Stefan has unresolved feelings about vampire Elena choosing to go dark with Damon. Stefan didn’t give a rat’s ass about it the last 20194873 times he went Ripper, so why does he suddenly care?

The relationship between the brothers have been the cornerstone of the show, and has been examined and dissected ad nauseaum. This ‘he loves me, he loves me not’, ‘I’m gonna leave you, I’m gonna stay with you’ game, apart from giving me whiplash is unnecessary and exhausting. Stefan has for the billionth time, abandoned Damon and Damon will now have his humanity back, which the writer’s probably will hope to convince me that he will now be full of guilt, same or regret. Yet they have spent at least six seasons cementing the idea that Damon embraced his ‘nature’ and with his full humanity on blast has murdered Lexi, Zach, Gail, Vicky, Jeremy and Alaric and raped Caroline. So with his humanity back on he’s going to? what? commit suicide (if only) because he has killed a bunch of strangers and Tyler Lockhart? He feels bad because he is renewed and improved and believes that Elena won’t forgive him? That’s a big Ha ha anyway, since he can do anything without suffering the consequence of ‘losing’ Elena.

The bell plot is as ap-pealing as watching paint dry.

Bonnie is back in town and wearing Enzo’s vial of blood-just in case she might–you know–wanna, say live forever. But per Bonnie, she can’t/won’t because of, you know, the Elena factor. Say what? Oh Bonnie, one of these days you are actually gonna do things and for you, gurl.

And so it goes…