2 thoughts on “TVD February Sweeps Poster

  1. I’m thinking that other person could be Katherine and not Elena. Rumors are that Katherine may come back to MF under Elijah’s protection so I’m thinking maybe she and Elijah are the other team in the race for the cure. Like Stefan once said, Katherine has a nack for wanting a lot of things, especially the coveted ones. So Katherine may also want to use the cure on Klaus so she won’t live in a suitcase and probaly revenge her parents! Katherine has helped Stefan before in S3 and I’m pretty sure she can do it again. And both she and Rebekaj have a past with Stefan

  2. And I’m afraid Kol was also right about ressurrecting Silas. A guy who brings back the dead is bad news, I mean no one can really play God fulltime. A balance has to be created also, so I’m thinking this Silas business is gonna take lives. And I’m thinking the cure is not exactly an elixir or something that people can just drink and all will be fine. It could be a metaphor for all we know.

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