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When an eager fan asked if there’s still “hope for Stelena,” Dries made her day with this answer: “There’s some really good Stelena stuff coming up in the episode Paul directed.” She called it “satisfying” and “nostalgic,” while Wesley added that it’s “reminiscent of season one.”

source: TVLine

When asked by a fan if there was any hope for Stefan and Elena, EP Caroline Dries noted that there’s some great stuff coming up for them in the next couple of episodes. Plec further explained that they’ll dig into the idea of the universe drawing them together and what that really means for their characters.


Dries teased that Stefan will soon have a “hard time” and that things “get even worse for Stefan toward the end.” The youngest Salvatore brother reportedly takes “a turn for the worse” toward the end of season 5. Could it have something to do with the doppelgänger blood that the Travelers have? That’s yet to be seen.