TVD season 5: Has the year of Paul Wesley arrived?

An article from stating the reasons why next season could be a great opportunity for Paul to shine as an actor: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5: Has the year of Paul Wesley arrived?

Instead, the data that we have at the moment suggests that we’re looking again at a year of Stefan, and there are three reasons why Paul Wesley should have a smile plastered onto his face right now.

1. Uncertainty – It’s always more fun when viewers don’t know what is going to happen with your character, and in the wake of Elena choosing Damon (for now), we have that with him. He had an opportunity to get away from Mystic Falls before Silas took that away … and now, Stefan’s journey is a battle for survival.
2. Multiple characters – Come on, who wouldn’t love this? Wesley openly has said that he enjoyed the ripper part of his personality from the show’s third season, and playing Stefan’s doppelganger is the closest that he has to that. It’s too bad that he has to keep his physical appearance almost identical, since otherwise Stefan Silas could put a streak in his hair a la Britta on “Community” to show that he’s been through a lot.
3. More opportunities – It may sound weird and selfish, but it’s not meant to be. Why? Joseph Morgan and the rest of the Original family have their own show now to frolic around in, so it’s easy to rejoice getting to see more of Paul in action this coming season without feeling bad about the people we’ve lost.