Two Scenes Down, Now the Final Round!

Even though we didn’t say it, we decided to make Round 14 a Double Elimination Round. The first scene to go is the Dance at the Prom, which garnered 53% of the vote for least favorite.  Make-out in the Woods came in at 33%, which would make it the obvious elimination for the next round. So, saving a bit of time, we’ll knock them both out and leave Best Choice I Ever Made and Rooftop Sunrise to battle it out!

Now, in the final round, the rules change a little. Instead of voting for the least favorite scene, you will be voting for your MOST favorite scene. The scene with the most votes wins The Battle of the Stelena Scenes: Season 4 Edition!

Now a few words about this week’s losers…

The Dance at the Prom had a lot of promise. It reminded us of how Stelena used to be, so close to each other, with a love so intense, burning and unbreakable. It seemed like Stefan would be able to remind Elena of that and be able to get through to her, but with Elena’s dead and unfeeling heart, it couldn’t be. We’d still argue it was a great scene, just without the ending we’d hoped for.

Then there’s the Make-out in the Woods. It’s another scene that seems to tease us with the possibility of bringing Stelena back to what they once were, but by the end of it, our hope dwindles considerably. I think it’s the puking up blood that sort of ruins it, right? I mean, this has to be a favorite scene for many a Delena fan… Stefan and Elena make out, and Elena’s response is to throw up? She is already under Damon’s spell, being brainwashed into believing she can only drink blood from the vein. So, really, it’s not hard to see this scene go.

Okay, on to the final round! Remember, vote for you MOST favorite scene!