Wetpaint’s 5 reasons Stelena will get back together

From Wetpaint.com:

There doesn’t seem to be any stopping Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at the moment, but we wouldn’t count Stefan (Paul Wesley) as totally out of this love triangle just yet. You know how The Vampire Diaries adores it love geometry, and there are plenty of reasons Stelena fans should still have hope. It might not happen for a while, but we think eventually Stefan and Elena will give it another shot.

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12 thoughts on “Wetpaint’s 5 reasons Stelena will get back together

  1. I really hope and pray Stelena get back together 🙂 I fell inlove with them from the 1st season episode 1:D I like the cocky fun Damon… Stefan and Elena belong together in the series have theeee BEST chemistry id hate to see them gone 4ever:(

  2. UGH I sure hope elena ends up with stefan at any season after season 4, I dont really agree her in what she told damon in season finale nor the part she choses damon i dont really think they’re meant for each other because how is that possible that after she chosed STEFAN at the last episode in S3 and like after 5episodes she realized she loves damon, like God stefan and her has really something extremely epic im pretty sure thats why THERE ARE A LOT OF DELENA FANS COZ OF NIAN IN REAL LIFE, though it breaks my heart that nina and ian broke up but when it comes to the show I REALLY LOVE STEFAN AND ELENA TO BE TOGETHER SOOO BADLY, itssooo real not just about sex its really different i must say coz if delena was way epic and better not sexual love id be on their side but stelena has way more good memories human memories real love and understanding

  3. I am for stelena and what happend with Damon snapping Jerimy’s and Alaric’s neck. What happend to being stelena forever?

  4. Stefan and Elena are PERFECT together! They are meant to be! Stefan has been there for Elena for everything! The really only reason more people are Delena is because of nian! Look. I love Nian! But Nian isn’t anything like Delena! Stefan is sooo sweet and caring and loves Elena sooo much! Stefan knows Elena soooo well. Damon doesn’t even care enough to know her. Delena is only sex and kissing. Stelena is sooo much more! They have memories- good and bad, feelings that can never be broken, and a strong friendship. Stefan cares about Elena sooo much! Not only that, Stefan trusts Elena to make her own decisions. Damon doesn’t give a crap what she wants! Like when she and Matt were drowning in the car in the season 3 finale, Elena told Stefan to save Matt not her. Stefan did exactly what she said. Damon said he didn’t care what Elena wanted; in a heartbeat, he would have saved Elena right away, not Matt’s. Stefan even let go of Elena because he knew that their love was soo strong that hopefully she would come back to him. Even if other fans aren’t team Stelena, most of the cast in TVD is team Stelena.
    Some of my favorite quotes that show the amazing chemistry that Stefan and Elena have are:
    “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies.” -Klaus
    “Stefan is different. His love is pure. He’ll always be good for her.” -Rose
    “I love him, Damon. He came into my life at a time when I needed someone, and I fell for him instantly. No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him.” -Elena (to Damon)
    Elena said she made the best choice of her life coming back for Elena in the season 4 premiere. And now she chose Damon in the season 4 finale?! She’ll eventually find out that was the wrong decision. Don’t say I hate Damon! I love Damon! But he and Elena just aren’t meant to be.

    It’s always gonna be Stefan. <3
    Stelena <3 Epic Love <3 #savestelena #havehope

  5. i think stefan is a epic love that each girl loves to have one but the problem is that when stefan went to klaus for saving damon’s worthless life ,dick head damon stole his girl ……i hope elena see that no one in her life can get stefan’s place if i were elena i would choose stefan forever …… i konw that damon is handsome but beauty is not every thing ….how elena cant remember the time that she spend inlove with stefan ……if she doesn’t come back to stefan she’s a bitch ……love u stefan

  6. I just really hope Stelena will be back together. Damon has done many bad things to Elena, he slept with her mother he snapped jeremys ans alarics neck and he doesn’t deserve to take the girl. I mean, their relationship is all about sex. Stelena was true love, because Elena was loving Stefan for 3 seasons. They can’t just ruin their perfect relationship, just because Julie Plec is a delena shipper!

  7. i’m portuguese! and i’m a big fan of the vampire diaries! i think that elena should pick stefan because he is her real epic love!! make this two end up together is a wish from a huge portuguese fan!

    obrigado!! (thank you in portuguese)

  8. I totally love Stefan and Elena together. Elena and Damon? They don’t belong together. Yeah maybe Damon does deserve love. He shouldn’t be the brother that’s always the second choice, but he doesn’t deserve Elena. Elena and Stefan have this passionate love that everyone wants. its epic. Its real. When you have a love like that, you cant ever just walk away from it, it stays with you forever. #TeamStelena

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