What to expect for Stefan & Elena in 4×06?

From Wetpaint.com: TVD Season 4, Episode 5: “The Killer” — Elena’s Hallucinations, Where She and Stefan Stand, and Jeremy’s Fate

Will she be able to forgive Stefan?
Julie Plec: She’s mad at him. And she definitely starts next week super mad at him. And so, forgiveness and understanding and learning the truth of what he was up to and is up to, I think, all those things are up ahead and we’ll see how she handles it.

3 thoughts on “What to expect for Stefan & Elena in 4×06?

  1. oh thank God the breakup is not bc of damon it was his stupid mistake not telling him about the cure

  2. hmm.. I dont like the sounds of this..but will NOT panic
    Vampire Elena seems to have a lot more in common with Damon as opposed to human Elena, who was more like Stefan. How is that going to impact the triangle down the road? If she really loses control, will she be really drawn towards Damon?
    Julie Plec: I think when you say, how’s it going to impact the triangle down the road, you just ask how it impacts the triangle next week? I’m just going to leave it at that. Everything’s about to change in some way or another. Those changes will have a ripple effect through the entire season. I’m not saying it’s all going to change next Thursday at 8 o’clock, but there’s some pretty big moves next week as a result of this.

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